Monday, May 12, 2014

Making things not happen

The Rolling Steel Tent's big cabinet is held together by rivets. But with all the bumpy dirt roads I've been on, and with 140 pounds of deep cycle batteries exerting their forces on the shelves, some of the rivets broke. So I replaced them with bolts.

It feels good (and manly) to solve mechanical problems. I spent a few moments admiring my work. "Look at those bolts, nice and tight thanks to my impact wrench, holding the cabinet together. Argh!"

That got old after a while, because there was nothing to watch, just a thing not falling apart.

Then there was a different problem, a tiny annoyance to rid myself of. When the door or window is open, and the wind is blowing, my paper towels tend to unravel. Then I had an idea.


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