Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wherein I redeem myself

So, I didn't wade up the Narrows. But after lunch I decided to hike from the the Grotto to the Emerald Pools. I had second thoughts when I got to the trailhead and saw the steep switchbacks. Crap. They call this "moderate?" My knees hadn't totally recovered from yesterday's hike to the overlook.

Then I saw people as unfit as myself heading up. And a woman with a kid on her back. And an octogenarian couple. And a lady with a crutch.

Okay okay! You shamed me into it. I can do this. After all, it's not the people-have-died-trying-it Angels Landing trail.

The trail leveled off after the first climb. Alright, this is very doable. Some rocky spots here and there, but I did fine.

I got to slip though an even narrower bit than the Narrows, without getting wet

Along the way I thought about the tough SOBs who built these trails with picks and shovels. They didn't spend their careers staring at computers.

There was a crowd when I got to the pool. Many of them had tour operator hang tags. There was a mom with a stroller. That's when I realized the trail was now paved. ¿Que?

It turned out I'd come the hard way, the long way, the non-tour-group-from-the-Lodge way.

I felt better for it. Yay, me.

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