Monday, May 5, 2014

Ten things

Way back in a college psychology class I had an assignment to make a list of the ten things I would grab if my apartment were on fire. I didn't own much of anything back then, but I did have a fondness for the few things I had. I was also rather broke, and didn't have renter's insurance, so replacing anything would have been a burden.

Years later I had money and a lot of stuff. The idea of grabbing only ten things would have freaked me out if I'd given it any thought.

Lesa and I we were discussing minimal van dwelling needs yesterday. Could I live in a minivan instead of a full-size van? What about in a car? A bicycle? A backpack? She said there were people who believed they should own no more than 100 things. That discussion, and the van that caught fire the other day, reminded me of the ten things assignment.

What ten things would I grab from the Rolling Steel Tent?

1. Wallet
2. Passport
3. Laptop (because of info that's on it)
4. Eyeglasses (because I need to be able to read)

Everything else is replaceable.

What would be on your list?


  1. 1. Purse (my wallet, car keys and glasses would be in it already)
    2. Passport
    3. My Nook
    4 - 10. Family Annual Photo Books

    If I was alone, I'd leave one of the books behind and bring the lap top. Otherwise, the lap top is RKB's responsibility.

  2. Being female I have a head start on you. I would grab
    1. my day bag which already has wallet, passport and glasses in it along with a few other survival things.
    2. my cane which converts to a chair which lets me sit wherever I need to do so.
    3. a beverage because my meds cause dry mouth. (The meds are already in the bag.)
    If I still had time I would grab my
    4. iPad
    5. phone
    6. chargers
    7. hearing aids which help but are not mandatory (batteries are already in the bag)
    8. Extra clothes would be nice and I do have a packit cube with a set of underwear and some toiletries in it ready to go. And, because it is still tornado season here, I have
    9. a bag of easy to eat food sitting by the door I could grab on my way out.
    10. maybe a jacket/raincoat depending on what the weather is doing.

    With all that I should be fine until I get some place where I can re-etablish myself. I doubt I could carry much more anyway.

  3. Well, Linda, I guess I could get a man-purse. Again. I carried one back in the '80s.

  4. I don't have a van, so presumably it would be my little trailer going up in flames (although I have had car fires in the past so that's conceivable as well). Until recently, my list was very small: I would grab my dog. Everything else is replaceable. Now that she lives at the Rainbow Bridge, I don't know what I would grab; perhaps my laptop. Everything else I'd want is in my pockets: my phone, my drivers license/debit cards. In (my) reality, it's all replaceable if I get out with my life so maybe my list is even shorter than I think it is :)