Monday, November 13, 2017

And the difference is...?

This sign is at a rest stop and historic marker on Arizona Highway 85 through the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range, south of Gila Bend.

Does parking become camping when someone is in the vehicle? Or when you do camping-like things such as pitching a tent and roasting hot dogs? Is it whatever law enforcement says it is when they come to chase you off? Official clarification at the site would be helpful.


  1. Parking is laying up for the night in a motorhome or RV or similar. Sleeping overnight is usually permitted. If you have anything other than the vehicle's tyres touching the ground then you are camping. I.e. tables, chairs, awning, canopy steadies, gazebo, tent, cooking equipment, portable stove etc.

  2. I agree with 2CooPs. Simple and concise.

    I also think this is an important point and the word needs to be spread. Overnighting at Walmart, Cracker Barrel, reststops, etc is fine, camping there is abuse of hospitality and could (and has) result in the loss of oportunity.

    1. I think my confusion comes from the way various municipalities, with their ordinances designed to keep away people they consider undesirable, define "camping" and "parking."

    2. Agree. We, even those that should know better, have a terrible habit of being imprecise with our language and it causes all sorts of problems.

  3. Attorneys write laws which benefit lawyers, hence he with the largest legal wealth always seems to win. Taxpayers fund their own prosecutions,
    but must muster their own money to support constitutionality. Weird huh?
    Checks and balances today,.... seems like he who writes the checks has the balance part walking the tight rope.
    Supreme it is, Court it is not. America is still the best place to sleep overnight, hands down, Knock knock...on could.

  4. Probably the biggest generator of laws and restrictions is the lack of Common Sense...