Friday, November 17, 2017

Which Walmarts?

Back on November 6th I posted that not all Walmarts allow overnighting, usually because of local ordinances. Since then, friend and fellow blogger Vanholio posted the link to a site that tries to keep up to date on which Walmarts in the US do and don't allow the practice. The info comes with this caveat:
The “No-Park Walmart” information available on this website is NOT official. We are NOT an official website of Walmart. The directory of stores that prohibit overnight parking is based on information supplied by website visitors and the Walmart RVing group on Yahoo.
Green = friendly, red = jerks

Whether you do a lot of Wallydocking or just crash there occasionally, it's good to have a fairly good idea which ones still welcome weary travelers. The site has an interactive map and listings by state. As Vanholio wrote:
It's also a good idea to call the store or visit Customer Service when ya get there, to be sure and as a courtesy.
If you're hard pressed for an alternate spot, here are other suggestions (though local ordinances might make them unavailable, too).

And wherever you stay, whether parking lot, campground or public land, don't make a mess.

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