Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hidden treasure

I found some money today. Not in the league with a pirate chest of doubloons or D. B. Cooper's hijack loot. But money all the same.

An insect had gnawed on me enough it warranted some Neosporin and a bandage. When I opened the Band Aid box (cardboard, not the great old tin containers) I was surprised to find a small portrait of Ulysses S Grant. A $50 bill.

Oh, yeah. I vaguely remembered stashing it and some other cash in various places in the Rolling Steel Tent before one of my visits to Mexico. I wonder what happy monetary surprises are yet to come.

There was a brief debate between myself and myself whether the money should go into my wallet or back into hiding. In the end, I folded the bill back up and hid it in another place I'll forget about for a year or more.


  1. If your looking for treasure, and not sure where to look, never pass a pack rats nest. Attracted to shiny objects, they carry them to there nests and stash them, especially gold nuggets.

  2. If you remind yourself every day where that $50 is hidden, your brain will store that info in another brain cell giving you multiple chances to retrieve that info later. read that somewhere.

  3. "There was a brief debate between myself and myself"
    LOLOLOLOL I shouldn't read your blog with my mouth full.