Thursday, November 23, 2017

This is bugging me

The weather is still warm enough here in southern Arizona that I can have doors and windows open for a couple of hours after dark. The trouble, of course, is that lights in the van attract moths and other nocturnal flying insects.

It would be one thing if they just flew around the lights, but they also land on me and crawl around. It’s annoying. It tickles. And there’s a type of moth that likes to flutter along the inside of my upper arm. Always the right arm. Sometimes one will land on the inside of my eyeglasses. And tonight a tiny mantis landed on the keyboard.

Stop! It! Or I’ll get out the Raid and you’ll all be sorry.


  1. If you act like a predator and eat one, they will leave.

  2. If this does not work, perhaps we should rethink universal consciousness.

  3. Fit yellow light bulbs, or cover your lights with a translucent yellow film. It seems to attract very few bugs that way while still giving off enough light to get things done.

  4. You can buy some dacron mosquito net, cut it an inch bigger than the size of the door and windows and (have some lady) sew some pieces of recicled refrigerator magnets...
    I had to rivet some small pieces of iron sheet to my camper, where the magnets will hold... I your case your van is all metal...
    Works great and makes a small package when not in use.