Friday, November 24, 2017

People are sick

So, it’s flu season. Get your vaccinations, blah blah blah, read this for all the details you could ever want.

As for me? I’ll be fine. Probably.

Back when I worked in an office I used to get the flu once or twice a year.

When I worked at home flu would get me every couple of years.

Now that I’m a nomad, I’ve caught the flu once in four years.

There's a pattern there.

Being in close proximity with people who are around other people who are around still more people increases one’s chances of catching whatever is going around. Being an introverted nomad out in the boonies radically decreases one’s chances of exposure to viruses.

So if you’ve been around someone who has been around someone who was sick, stay away from me.


  1. Having a school age grandkid is a guarantee of getting multipurpose ailments.

  2. Working as an RN for 20 + years a yearly flu shot was mandatory. For the past 5 years since I quit working, I’ve just been one of those damn sheep, getting a flu shot every year, without really thinking about it. I think the sheep woke up finally and I’m done with them.