Monday, November 27, 2017

Banking on it

My Social Security check gets deposited the second Wednesday of each month. That means sometimes a "month" is four weeks long and sometimes it's five. This is one of those long months. November 8 to December 13. The fact November hath thirty days doesn't help much. So, I gotta watch the money a little closer. No splurging on Christmas.

I'm a big fan of changing to thirteen 28-day months with New Year's Day being its own thing. And an extra check each year.


  1. I like the idea of giving me back all the money I put it that is left and I will manage it.

  2. Mine comes on the third Wed.I guess it all comes out the same at the end of the year,but sometimes those 5 weeks can seem awful long.

  3. Recieving the pension once a month is a rough... Mine comes the 1rst day of the month... Yes, the last week (and a half) is just surviving :-)