Friday, November 17, 2017


I've written about my white camo netting before. It provides enough shade to cool things down but doesn't flap around in the breeze too much. It takes a bit of setting up, though. Clip it to the gutter, drive stakes, position the poles, run the guy-lines. And if I want to run an errand or sightsee, I have to take it down. So I only set it up when I can't suffer through the heat without it. (I don't remember where the photo above was taken, but it must have been somewhere very hot.)

The afternoons have gotten in the mid to high 80s here in Why, Arizona, but a nice breeze through the Rolling Steel Tent keeps it from feeling too hot. However, the late sun shines in the windshield and heats things up. And the sun glares in my eyes.

So I got out the vinyl window cover (shown here in Ehrenberg AZ a couple of years ago). Even though it does an excellent job blocking the sun and providing privacy, it's solid, so it can act like a sail even in mild breezes like we're having now. Ergh.

So the solution was obvious. Toss the white camo over the windshield and close the doors on the ends to hold it in place. Enough shade, no flapping, air can still come through the side windows, and it sets up/comes down easily. Except when it snags on the wipers. Can't have everything.