Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pillow fight

This is the pile of pillows I used to sleep with. Eight of them. Regular pillows and body pillows. A bunch under my head and shoulders, the rest strategically distributed to support my back, hips and legs. I've never had back problems that required a firm bed, so I could wallow in cushy decadence.

I had to cut my pillow collection down to three when I moved into the Rolling Steel Tent. For the first four years the setup was like this.

I could shuffle these three pillows around slightly to fit a variety of sleeping positions. My foam mattress is plush enough on its own, so I don't need body pillows.

But then my body changed or something. I didn't need my head and shoulders propped up so high. My knees started feeling a little hyperextended, though, so I moved a pillow from my head to under my legs, like this.

And while I was at it, I moved the third pillow to the floor. Perfect. I've slept great. Who knows, someday I might want no pillows at all.

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