Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A gloriously noisy campsite

I knew there was race weekend camping available at Laguna Seca. I'd been there before for Superbike and vintage car races. I didn't know camping was available all other times, too, until I stumbled across it while searching Monterey County Parks' site.

WOO! Thank you Internet.

And what luck! I got a site overlooking Turn 6, where they blast up the hill, full on the throttle, into the back straight.


The view from the Rolling Steel Tent. No telephoto lens necessary.

Today some Ferrari owners are having a track day. Some are showroom stock, some are tricked out, and there are a couple of vintage race cars to put the others to shame.

All the noise stopped, then a wrecker and EMT truck came by. Some rich guy must have run off course and messed up his toy. That's racin'. Now they're back at it.

Oh, and the weather is perfect, too.


  1. Oh, and tomorrow starts a weekend of Skip Barber Racing School. Too bad I need to be on the road south.