Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Going Rogue

Today I'm at Huntley Park Riverside Campground, a county park east of Gold Beach, Oregon, on the Rogue River.

The river is broad and slow here, a few miles from the ocean. Once in a while a jet boat goes by, not as fast as one would expect for something with "jet" in the name. It gets more exciting farther up stream, though, when they reach the rapids.

The campground is a little long of tooth, but there are flush toilets, showers and a little store. Two sets of camp hosts are on duty, puttering around, trying to keep the place looking nice. The campground is half empty at 6:00 since it's a Tuesday. More might slip in later.

This morning I went looking for a laundromat in Gold Beach. I googled and the few hits I got were all for the same place. I drove to the address and, even though the sign was still up, the space was emptied with a for lease sign on the window. Did it move? If so, where? Oh well. I can make do until I get to Brookings or Crescent City. Or I can go down to the river, beat my clothes on the rocks and wave at the jet boats. Wait, I know! I can talk them into dragging my laundry behind the boat? Power wash!

UPDATE: The laundromat in Gold Beach has moved to the other side of the highway on a different block. My clothes are washing as I write this. All is right with the world.

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