Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dang, I forgot my horse

When I selected a campsite at Sweetwater Summit Regional Park online, I looked for one with room around it, away from the playground but not too far from the restroom and showers. I didn't know it was among the sites for those with horses. So I have a small corral in addition to the usual amenities. And some scattered hay, both before and after having passed through a horse. But I'll take horses over ATVs any day.

Sweetwater Summit is east of San Diego, north of Tijuana. It's a suburban park with camping. I'm guessing that a few decades ago it was way out in the boonies.

Today's temperature was at the upper end of comfortable. A breeze kept things nice. A marine layer will probably drift in during the night and not burn off until mid-morning— your typical coastal Southern California summer weather pattern. It brings back memories.

Oooo, a view of the suburbs

For educational purposes only, not for camping


  1. Back home, uh ? It's been hot & humid in southern California. Hope climate cooperates with U.

    1. It's a short drive to the beach, where it's cooler.

  2. And people say there's nowhere to camp in the San Diego area.