Friday, August 7, 2015

Windy, in a good way

Boice Cope Park is on the shore of Floras Lake, which is a couple of dunes from the Pacific. The wind today is out of the north at a bazillion miles an hour. Okay, 15-ish MPH. That's good for keeping the bugs away and for attracting kiteboarders.

The darker band of blue above the dunes is the fog on its way in

Woo, action photography!

It's not all kiteboarders, though. The creek that feeds or drains (I couldn't tell which way the current was flowing) the lake is good for some less frenetic kayaking and nature watching.

The campground is behind the trees

Long before water sports were popular, something else brought people to Floras Lake. Developers and dubious plans, as this sign explains:



  1. Really nice photos. Also, I noticed a bagel shop in Cave Junction on the right, on my way home to Ashland. It was not smokey until past Medford. Hot, though. Hazy. Hardly any traffic, so folks might be staying indoors. I know I am and I hate that.

  2. Even though it was a weekend, the campground was rather quiet, the mellowness being disturbed only by the occasional barking dog.