Saturday, August 15, 2015

Give me land, lots of land

Samoa Boat Ramp county campground, across the bay from Eureka, California, is a big parking lot. That's just fine after the crowd at Clam Beach. In fact, it's excellent. I only wish I really was the only one here.

This is far enough away, though, to satisfy my privacy and solitude requirements. Don't need no stinkin' picnic table or grill or place to pitch a tent.


  1. Ummm... thanks (??) for the song that is singing over and over in my head now.. LOL. I had wanted to say how relaxing it is to view your beach pics -- I appreciate you taking us all along.

  2. Hope they aren't charging you more than $50.00 for that spectack-u-lar sight...:>

  3. Yes, that's my kind of campsite: level with lots of solar power and the neighbors not too near. And I managed to get a California Parks Disabled Pass so they only charge me an arm instead of an arm and a leg.