Friday, August 21, 2015


This past winter, Lou and I had started the process to get Burning Man tickets. Then he calculated the rough cost of extending his trailer and decided he couldn't afford to go this year. I didn't want to go alone, so...

Now the Playa is infested with bugs. Some are stink bugs, others want to suck moisture from your skin. They're everywhere. It's an annoying mess. It's not a plague of biblical proportions, but add the insects to the usual awful heat and dust, and it looks like we lucked out.

Meanwhile, in a more pleasant part of the country, a spider or two made dinner out of my left earlobe and right hand. The lobe has swollen to about the size of a grape. The hand is puffy, too. Not as bad as the bee sting I suffered this spring, but much itchier. The insects are out to get us.

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  1. Some say the Biblical plagues have begun--ebola, drought, insect invasions, etc. Be prepared.