Monday, August 24, 2015

Another opportunity to straighten up the van

Since I'm going to Mexico tomorrow, it would be wise to get out my passport and have it handy. So I opened the box where I keep important documents and... the passport wasn't there.

Okay, it's somewhere else in the Rolling Steel Tent. So I started a search. Other boxes? The cabinet? The pocket of my overnight bag? (Okay, there's the photocopy of my passport, but I want the real thing.) A jacket pocket? The storage cubby on the engine cover? The backpack? The boxes inside the boxes? I got more worried as I ran out of places to look.

Pause a moment. Gather my wits (what I have of them). Start over.

I looked in the document box again. There it was. It had somehow slipped between the folds of other papers. Okay. Problem solved, anxiety level down, van neater.

At least I went through this exercise in the pleasant surrounding of the campground instead of in the border parking lot in 100+ heat.


  1. Documents you want to keep secure sometimes have a way of making themselves even more secure. Glad it finally came out of hiding.

    I wonder where mine is? And when it expires? Maybe I should go on a treasure hunt?

  2. Holly poopy, I took your place & an anxiety attack came over me !! NO passport, no crossing the border !