Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sponge hat

My cotton canvas Eddie Bauer hat is odd. It acts like a desiccant, sucking moisture from the air, even though I keep it in a dry place. It's not just the bill that's damp. The crown is, too. Maybe the hat has sweat glands.


  1. You sweated into the hat, the water evaporated and the salt remained. Salt sucks water right out of the air in a humid environment. Wash the hat and it will stop getting moist ... temporarily. I learned this little gem when tanning salted deer hides; stored in an open garage doorway near falling rain they got wet even though the rain never actually touched them. Amazing how science works.

    1. I thought about washing it, but if the inside of the bill is cardboard instead of plastic, it'll go all funky.