Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Got that taken care of

I headed out early for Los Algodones to get more meds. Tecate was closer, but my research had me thinking the border wait might be annoyingly long. I'd much rather be driving for four hours than standing in line for two. I was in and out of Los Algodones in five minutes. Got some lunch and cheaper Arizona gas and I was on my way back.

The surprise was the rain. An occasional drizzle. It kept it from being 110°. Instead it was about 85° and 85% humidity. Whee, I was in the jungle instead of the desert. Go figure.


  1. It's been hot, humid & sticky all the way to Santa Barbara if that is a consolation.

    1. I'll be in SD county for three more days, then San Onofre, where it will be foggy but cooler. Then I'll be heading back up the coast to Morro Bay.