Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Slipping out of Oregon unnoticed

After just shy of three months in Oregon I fell like it's time to move on. I got groceries in Brookings and now I'm hanging in the RV parking lot at the Lucky 7 Casino, just over the line in California. It's certainly nothing fancy or scenic, but it's a free place to be.

From here the van dwelling life gets more complicated and/or expensive. Wildfires make it a bad time to boondock in the National Forests. California state parks are crowded and pricey. Extreme heat makes it a bad time to get away from the coast, and the roads that go inland also pass through fire zones.

But I think I have some alternatives, at least until I approach the Bay Area, where the route options start to multiply. There are some county parks/campgrounds, and more casinos as well.

Here's my semi-irrational plan. I need to get to Mexico to replenish my medications. My current supply runs out the 27th. Since I no longer have a doctor, I no longer have valid prescriptions. I don't need prescriptions in Mexico. So I think I'll make my way down the coast to San Diego County. Then, rather than dealing with the border mess at Tijuana or Mexicali, I'll make a mad dash day trip into the withering heat of Yuma and go to good old Los Algodones. Then get the hell out of there and head north to more reasonable temperatures. Flagstaff? Northern New Mexico? We shall see.


  1. Trying to time medicine runs does get to be a bit of a challenge. I learned last January that some pharmacies won't give me my insurance negotiated rate if I have not yet met my deductible. That was a $250 lesson I did NOT need to learn. So Mexico at this time of year sounds better than it used to do. Be safe in your run for the border.

  2. I get my meds at the local pharmacy that is within walking distance and they are free with medical assistance and so are the doctor visits. Have you heard of a program called medicare or the affordable care act?

    1. To get a prescription I'd have to hang around somewhere long enough to get a doctor appointment, which means making a lot of calls and planning ahead. Driving to hell and back suits my personality better.

    2. Instead of Tijuana go east of San Diego about 50 miles on the 94 Highway and cross the border (on foot) to Tecate, a much better alternative. Lake Morena nearby has a county campground.....kenny