Friday, August 21, 2015

Mistaken for homeless

I'm in a grocery parking lot, having just stocked up on food. The side door is open and I'm online. A couple of minutes ago, a guy walked up and said, 'Hey guy, you want some snacks?"

"No thanks, I'm fine."

"It's some cookies, chips and stuff."

I figured he might be roaming the parking lot giving away promotional samples. "Uh, (shrug) okay."

He dropped a crumpled up bag of things on the floor of the Rolling Steel Tent and wished me a good day.

Oooo, Milanos

Oh! I get it now. He thought I was in need, that I must be in bad shape living out of a van and all. Well, I guess it made him feel better. Can't go criticizing good Samaritans.


  1. He thought you were homeless so what you needed was junk food? Apparently, I can indeed criticize a good Samaritan. Why not fruit and baby carrots and cans of tuna? Just in case any of your readers are looking for better ideas. :)

  2. LOL,LOL you ' technically ' & by definition ARE homeless... where is your home ? your home is nowhere to be found ! RV Sue, Bob Wells etc etc ARE homeless, but... to me, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with you & them living on the road, I wish I could do just like YOU guys !! Enjoy your JUNK food, but please do not indulge on it, LOL.

    1. We're HOUSEless, not homeless. ;)

    2. I guess u'r right, U don't posses @ sticks & bricks contraption, but U have a home on wheels !

  3. I sooo agree with Ms Linda. Why oh why is "poor people food" so very often Junk! Watch the boxes coming out of Food Pantries and its 80-90º useless to me. Where are the rice and beans/lentils even, coffee or tea, canned meats like tuna & chicken. Didn't we have the word "staples" in our kitchen vocabulary once upon a time? Of course I am grateful for the dried cherries, raisins and cranberries we get from the USDA boxes because most people don't want them I get plenty and they make a carrot or celery salad rock!

    Enjoy the treats.