Monday, August 10, 2015

Say "Port Orford Port" quickly ten times

That's the Rolling Steel Tent on the upper left

There's an overnight parking area on the bluff overlooking Port Orford Port (or the Port of Port Orford, depending on the sign). It used to be free. Then there was a suggested donation. Now it's $10/night. But, hey, there's an excellent 4G signal, the town has a real grocery store, and there are no trees blocking solar exposure—which is extra important on overcast days like today (and which is one reason I'm not at Cape Blanco).

The actual port

The port doesn't have the usual docks. Instead, the commercial fishing boats are kept on trailers on the jetty. Cranes lower them to the water and haul them back out. Pretty slick.

Going up!

Awaiting their turn

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