Monday, August 1, 2016

Advances in bedding

It has been a while since I've purchased new bedding (because minimalism, making do, and all that). But one of my two fitted sheets had become too worn and ugly for my delicate sensibilities.

Apparently, the new thing (at least with this particular brand) is handy orientation labels. It's not such a big deal with my twin bed, but I could have used these back when I had a queen. King bed owners must be ecstatic.

I wonder if there were high level meetings over whether, having labeled the sides, it was necessary to label the ends. And, if they were to label the ends, should one say top and the other bottom? Was the decision to label the ends top or bottom intended to stave off arguments about the sheet being the wrong way around? But what about people who have a hard time with choices? I imagine there's more than one out there right now who has been locked for hours in decision paralysis.


  1. Back when I had a king bed it only took making it twice before I labeled the sides myself. Then I laughed at myself for marking both sides.

    I can't imagine what the thought process was on the sheets you purchased but I can pretty much guarantee that you're correct about the high level meetings. :)

  2. I finally figured out with the last set of sheets I bought for our king size bed that the label was in the middle of either the top or the bottom. But before that set, it was always a guessing game.