Saturday, August 27, 2016

Zorro the Wonder Dog is glad I changed my mind

I had been thinking about the Coast. Thinking hard. And often. I haven't been there since March, which is an eternity for someone who considers himself a Californian.

Up until yesterday evening I was certain I'd be heading for Oregon then working my way south, the fantastic Pacific always to my right. But the forecasts didn't look good. Too wet, too cool. And one of my sets of eyes on the scene said Highway 101 was clogged with people trying to do their last coastal visit of the summer. And Labor Day weekend is coming.

This morning I knew where I could go, where it wouldn't be crowded, where I could stay free, where the weather would be acceptable, and where there are people I like. So I returned to Ridgway, to my spot in the alley behind Forrest's shop. Forrest was out, but Lou greeted me warmly. It's almost like being home. But without the ocean.


  1. Thumbs up for a comfortable spot and good friends.

  2. Glad you and Zorro are back but where's Chet? Colorado's a good place to be with a good vibe. So, yeah, we don't have the ocean but there are some great lakes to visit.

    1. Chet is federal custody awaiting trial on his heroin smuggling charge.

    2. Forrest surely has the tools necessary to facilitate a prison break. Just saying.