Friday, August 26, 2016

To hell and back

I'm not one to pass up the opportunity for a lame joke. So when I saw Hades Campground on the map, I had to go. It's along the North Fork of the Duchesne River, near Hanna, Utah.

It's an attractive, well-maintained campground, not hellish at all. It was nearly empty when I arrived, but almost all the sites were booked for the weekend and the Labor Day weekend. It was Thursday, so I lucked out.

There were oaks on the mountainside that had turned to their fall colors already, and wranglers were moving their cattle down out of the higher country. I took these signs as nature's hint it was time for me to start migrating to warmer climates. But not all the way to hell.

1 comment:

  1. Willing to bet there were many meetings and a ridiculous portion of the budget spent by the government for them to debate about whether or not to actually keep that/come up with that as a campground name. Like the link in your other post, do we lose/add the H or not? Made me chuckle regardless of the origin.