Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The map was vague and the signs were either missing or almost unreadable as I headed up Uinta Canyon, looking for the Forest Service campground or maybe a good dispersed camping spot. I came to a fork n the road and decided to go left. The road led me to a nice and free campground. And I had it all to myself. Sweet.

After a thunderstorm (and a brief bit of hail) passed, I explored the campground. There's the vault toilet... There's some firewood if I desired. There's a pond.

And then, oops, there was a sign.

Oh. Okay. Good thing it's easy for me to pack up and go. But two big thumbs up on the vehicular prohibitions.

I backtracked to the fork and took the other road. Ah-ha, there's the National Forest sign. And there's an excellent dispersed camping spot. I found the campground. Only $5.00 ($2.50 for us old farts). I liked the boondocking spot much better, though.

Then, in the morning, I spotted Madame Moose enjoying her breakfast.


  1. I assume there were no skeeters around otherwise you legs will be very tempting items for them. I'll be curious, what is the squarish white contraption situated on the passenger side of you home ? Looks like a washer machine to me...LOL.

    1. No mosquito problems that day. The white thing is an insulated box I built for my refrigerator.