Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Sometimes my minimalist ethos gets challenged. Sometimes I want to own cool stuff again. Like when Forrest showed up today with a really nice, slightly customized 1972 Norton Commando.

I've lusted after Nortons since high school. First I was too broke to get one. Then I had sober, responsible reasons for not getting one. "They leak. They shake. Maintenance is bothersome.The shifter is on the wrong side." Then they stopped making them. Then they became expensive collector items. But the lust was always there.

Now I have other sober, responsible reasons for not getting a Norton—or any motorcycle. The primary one is that I don't have the money. Or the room. Or the need. (Though my inner 17-year-old insists I do need a motorcycle.) I'm committed to living with less stuff. I'm happy that way. Most of the time, anyway. Vroom.


  1. It's not the same, but...what about an electric bike. there you have your 2 wheeler, light, easy to carry in or on van & much more economical than the desired Norton C ?

  2. Boy, I sure know that feeling of envy. With me it is cars and I've owned alot of cars but every once in a while I'll find myself lusting after a car that I've had, used, and got tired of, or a car I had a chance to buy but wasn't worth the, then, price but is now 50 times more expensive.