Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Where was I?

A year ago I was in San Diego County, about to head up the West Coast. I had looked back at my previous year's travels and vowed to do two things the coming year: spend time in Colorado and Wyoming, and wander around less. Well, I kept half that promise.

Here are all the places I've stayed, some more than once. There was a lot of doubling, tripling, quadrupling back. I went some places thinking I would spend a week or two, only to pack up in the morning. Sometimes it was about weather, sometimes about wanting to meet up with someone, sometimes because, meh, the location wasn't speaking to me—at least not as sweetly as the highway always does.

Sorry, this is not an interactive map 

So this year I promise nothing. I'll just live day to day, going or staying as the mood hits me. That's what I've been doing anyway the past three years.


  1. Ah, the sweet call of the road. And the freedom to answer that call. A life worth living indeed!

  2. Holy MO, the map looks like it was marked by ' The Road Runner' LOL.

    Bet you have enjoyed yourself immensely, good for yah !