Monday, August 15, 2016

Sometimes things are farther than I remember

When I lived in northern Utah, the drive to Grand Teton and Yellowstone were considered no big deal. My college roommate and I cruised up during spring break one year. My last visit was during a multi-day motorcycle ride with my sister and brother-in-law.

Today's drive seemed to take twice as long. Well, there was the stop just south of Malad, Idaho, to pee. And a stop in Idaho Falls to get supplies. And a stop outside Ririe for gas. And a stop in Swan Valley for ice cream. And the slow traffic from Hoback, Wyoming through Jackson. And the turnoff at Antelope Flats Road wasn't as close as I thought.

But I saw a herd of bison. That made up for it.


  1. That's some stunning "god light" you've captured in the photo. Very cool...mystical.

  2. When we were in our early 20s we used to drive home for three-day weekends. Eighteen hours each way. Now we think four hours is enough.

  3. The faster route back to SLC from GTNP is 89 south to Freedom, Wyoming. Then it's 34 west to Soda Springs. 34 is the Historic Pioneer Scenic By Way. At Soda Springs, take 30 west to I-15. About a month ago, we drove this route to Jackson. Left at 8 AM and pulled in to Jackson at 12:30 PM. This was with a couple of pit stops. No, your lead footed BIL wasn't speeding. I think you'll find some interesting photo ops along highway 34.

    1. I probably won't be going straight back to SLC from here.