Thursday, August 25, 2016

More than a masher

Celebrity chef, Alton Brown, said he would have no tools in his kitchen that served only one purpose, that were "monotaskers."

Fast forward to earlier this week. Some type of insect bit or stung me on my back. Twice. In exactly a place I'm unable to reach. The bites itched a lot. (You might see where this is going.)

Thinking of Alton Brown, I wondered what I had in the Rolling Steel Tent that could serve as a backscratcher. Because it wasn't always convenient to rub my back on the edge of the door.

Hmmmmmm, let's see... nope... nope... Ah-HA! Perfect. And no sharp bits to tear my flesh.


  1. Does it actually work ? Back-itching must be the NASTIEST of ll itching it's so F.... hard to reach those spots !!!

    1. It works great. I can barely wait to be bitten/stung again.

    2. U crack me up , LOL

  2. Thought that you were using it as a lightening attractor....note storm clouds

  3. A perfect example of why I sometimes ask for an extra pair of chopsticks.