Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I love it when the results are conclusive

So, you and I have been wondering how well my new directional cellular antenna will work. Time to find out. I'm camped on Forest Service land over the hill from Gardiner, Montana, which is the north entrance to Yellowstone. Here's what my unboosted Verizon Jet Pack signal looks like.

It's 4G LTE, but only one bar. Very sluggish. But slip the Jet Pack into the booster with the directional antenna and...

Couldn't ask for more. Except maybe winning the lottery.


  1. hi there.....stumbled on your blog a few days the pix from your travels.

    36 years ago I was a waiter at the lodge in Mammoth during a summer break in college. That hulk you see due west of Gardiner - Sepulcher Mountain.....climbed it a few times. (Never got to Electric Peak, sadly). Spent a lot of off hours at the Blue Goose and Two Bit Saloon. Many, many good times. Thanks for the memories from my 21 year old

  2. Ohh and BTW.......I took one look at your cover photo and said........"Alabama Hills. What ELSE could it be?" Another place I haven't been to in years. Your blog has me thinking I need get back to some of those wonderful spots. And for that, I thank u....=)

  3. Curious, what would you change IF you won the lottery? Have you not found your El Dorado?