Thursday, October 13, 2016


The typical egg carton is just a little long for my refrigerator. It has to go in on a slope, which isn't always possible if other things are taking up room. So as I use up eggs, I cut down the carton, like this:

Then it fits easily, like this:

Sometimes I just start off cutting the carton in half as soon as I get it. I'm happiest, though, when the store has eggs in half dozens.


  1. It looks like my fridge is larger than yours, (Is there a correlation between level of obesity and size of fridge??) but a half-dozen carton or two fits in the door (vertically) much better than a full carton. (Horizontally but on edge.) I save a couple half-dozen cartons in case I have to buy a full dozen because I'd be the guy that has to cut the carton down with the eggs still in it. And we all know how well that works!!

  2. We can always grab the eggs, take 'em out of the carton, cut the carton down to the desired size & finally put the eggs in the usable carton part... woman's technique though... LOL

  3. It must take a long time saw thru when they only let you have the use of a plastic knife.

  4. You 2 guys are ' strange '...LOL.