Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hey, man, can I get a jump?

Everyone should have jumper cables in their vehicle. Because you can't depend on others having them. And because someday you might get to be a hero for someone who kept meaning to get cables but never got around to it.

My  cables came in a handy zippered bag. Great idea. No more tangled mess. Hurray for human advancement! So, where in the Rolling Steel Tent could I keep my jumper cables? Hmmmmm... Then I had an ah-ha moment.

Look at that space above the battery—the very battery I would use the jumper cables on. Would that space be large enough for the cables?

Why, yes it is. It's almost as if the bag was custom made to fit. Thank you General Motors. But would having the cables there cause a problem of some kind? After thousands of miles, I'm happy to report no. Best of all, when the guy at Doheny State Beach campground had a dead battery from his family of seven charging and recharging their phones and tablets, I didn't need to dig around in the van for the cables. Presto! Right there where I needed them.


  1. Placing anything in contact with the top of the battery will cause accelerated self discharge and is not Stern Wake Approved

    1. Last time I checked, nylon in nonconductive. And it's a sealed battery.

  2. My first thought when I saw the photo and knew your intentions was to be concerned about a fire or at least melted nylon/plastic. Guess if you've been driving with it there so long, my concern was unfounded.