Saturday, October 15, 2016

Off again

So  long, Mount Whitney

This morning I leave Lone Pine and head off across Death Valley to meet up with friends in Nevada.

Although I was born in Washington, DC, I consider myself a Californian. I moved here after college. It's the place where I truly grew up, where I became an adult, where I became myself. The twenty years I lived here were some of the best and certainly the most important and meaningful of my life.

Sometimes I'll meet people who turn up their noses at California. "Ew, why would you want to go there?" It might be crowded and expensive, but it's my home.


  1. California is definitely on my list of places to explore more. I have only made it to the bottom corner around Blythe and Slab City so far, and even that was just this past year.

    1. Yes, California is mucho grande it has tons & varied sceneries to enjoy!