Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why didn't I do this sooner?

Every six or seven months the fridge will turn off because the 12 Volt plug is faulty. There was a loose contact in the plug. Or power-sucking invisible creatures. Or my stupidity. (I vote for the second possibility rather than the third.)

Goodbye, plug

So today, after the fridge went out again, I finally did what I should have done the first time there was a problem. I cut the plug off and hardwired the cord to the fuse block I had wired into the van a couple of years ago.

The cord polarity wasn't marked obviously enough (for me) so naturally, with a 50-50 chance of getting it wrong the first time, I did. But I switched it and (cue angelic choir) it worked.

A cover snaps onto this

Now I just need to secure it with some zip ties so the wires don't vibrate and break from the connectors.

The fuse block wasn't cheap, what with it being designed and marketed for marine applications, but it certainly makes wiring things easier once the fuse block is installed. It took about three minutes to make this repair, and half of that was about getting the tools from under the bed.


  1. I use that fuse block. It's a lifesaver.

  2. I actually have no idea what you're talking about regarding fuse blocks and such but I do love your sense of humor and adventure.

    My angelic choir began singing when I read the proper use of loose :)

  3. Yep, it seems to me the fuse block is that huge, dark metal block, BUT with so many cables & connections ,how can we identify which one is the cable you modified & connected in a new fashion, uh ? Which one is it, the very top one, or the very bottom one ?

  4. It's tough to work up the courage to cut the cord when the manufacturer says "we'll no longer cover the appliance if you cut the inefficient and prone to break cord end off".