Sunday, January 8, 2017

A solar solution

A lot of RV owners, particularly those with smaller rigs, complain there isn't enough room for solar panels on their roof. Air conditioners, vents, antennas and such take up too much room. And even where there is space for a panel, the other things on the roof cast shadows, decreasing panel output.

 Hal, from Salem Oregon

My friend Hal knew some kind of rack could be built over the stuff on the roof of his travel trailer, so he turned to his friend, Don, an expert metal fabricator. Don came up with this swooping arch design.

Arches are stronger than rectangles and require fewer cuts and less welding. Strength and less work are important.

Inexpensive steel pipe was run through a bending machine, then tabs and end brackets were welded on. Very simple and effective. And cool looking. Cool is important.

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