Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oh yeah, that bag law

Californians voted to ban single-use plastic shopping bags, and some cities had already passed such ordinances. That means they no longer ask, "Paper or plastic?" at the grocery checkout. Now it's, "Bag or no bag?"

I've had a fabric bag for a couple of years. I bought it in a burst of environmental responsibility. However, my concern for the planet seems to disappear whenever I head into a market, because I keep forgetting I have that bag, even though I keep it in the Rolling Steel Tent's driver door pocket.

Sad looking, but functional

Each time I face the lack of a sack I have the option of buying a new one there at the checkout. Instead, I just load my purchases back into the cart, roll it out to my "house" and load things into the fridge and cupboards. It makes a lot more sense than bagging it all for the short ride through the parking lot.

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