Monday, January 2, 2017

Am I becoming more of a cold weather wimp?

At 10:18 AM it's 54°F outside. And the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is on inside the Rolling Steel Tent. And somewhere there are people running around naked in sub-zero weather. (Most likely Siberia. Russians are crazy.)

I've used the heater more this winter than the previous three that I've been van dwelling. A couple of those winters were absolutely balmy, but there was a crappy one in there. There must have been. So, is this winter worse, or am I starting to get that "these old bones" thing?

Okay, there's a Polar Vortex going on. The Jet Stream has been dipping low for a while. There's crappy weather over most of the country. But I thought I had acclimated to cooler temperatures. I guess not. It wouldn't be the first wrong thing I've thought about myself.


  1. I'm telling myself it's not me; winter started earlier this year. Of course, I could be wrong. :)

  2. Same dialog going on here. Kids were in shorts this morning; I walked the dog in a parka. Front came through this afternoon. They wore jackets, I put my hood on to protect my always freezing ears.

    Envy your location and mobility.

  3. Anytime I get to thinking its cold here in Ehrenberg, I look at the NWS radar/forecast site for back home in Illinois, and think it could be a lot worse here in the Arizona desert!! I have been running my Mr. Heater Buddy a bit every night too.....