Monday, January 23, 2017

It's sort of like Camelot

The rain may never fall 'til after sundown
By eight, the morning fog must disappear
It was clear and relatively warm (for January) yesterday in far southeastern California. Then it clouded over during the night and rained a little. It was mostly overcast at sunrise but clear and sunny by mid morning. I can go for the rain-only-at-night thing. It provides needed water yet keeps me from being bummed out and trapped in the Rolling Steel Tent.

It has been a wet, stormy winter at the coast, including hail yesterday. And there's heavy snow all over the country. But the geography that makes the desert a desert has kept most of that away. Hurray for being able to travel with the weather.

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  1. "there's heavy snow all over the country."

    Except here in the Minneapolis area where a snowshoe outing has had to be cancelled twice this season for lack of snow. I'm not complaining but it sure feels wrong.