Sunday, January 22, 2017

The mileage thing

There was yet another thread about gas mileage on a van dweller forum. It reminded me I'm very casual about the subject. I guess because my budget allows me to be. Luckily.

I truly feel sorry for those who have tight fuel budgets, because the main reason I live in a van is to travel. A lot. I'd feel trapped if I had to park to preserve gas. I like to be moving. Especially in open window weather. Mmmmmmmm, yesssss. Cue the traveling music.

When in doubt, drive. Feeling antsy in this perfectly good campsite? Drive. Getting bored? Drive. Even if it's just another trip to town for the thing I could've gotten last time but subconsciously forgot so I'd have another reason to drive. And which I further justify by asking campmates if they need anything from town. No? Well, see you in a few hours.

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