Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Shameless self-promotion

Since I'm going to the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, I thought it would be good to give attendees notice—for better or worse—that I was among them. And the sign would make it easier for me to find my rig among all the other white vans.

I gave the art file to the nice people at Sign Masters in Yuma and they had it done in a few hours. It's self-adhesive vinyl. I'll remove it after RTR so I can be slightly more stealthy.

Oh, and I put the sign on a slant because it's much easier than getting it perfectly straight. Intentionally crooked looks better than just a hair off.


  1. Looks great. Yes it's not stealthy for day to day. Hope you enjoy that. Tell us about it. Nice to have the sign in any event. Mimi

  2. Just curious, if you'd like to share, what was the cost?

    1. More than I'd hoped — $64 — but I really wanted it.

  3. You of all people know the value of marketing, Al. Plus, your blog is both a public service and entertainment for so many... so spreading the word is really a service to humanity...or at least the mobile humanity. (And getting more comments on your blog is not a bad thing either.)

  4. Google decided I would like to see an ad for a really bright flashlight on this page. I thought to myself "Al must be hand picking these ads".

  5. I relate to intentionally not straight. We hung three framed photographs, one vertical and two horizontal, and none of them line up with any other. They and your sign look good to me.

  6. P.S. I'd think twice about removing it.