Sunday, January 1, 2017

New year, no new advice

I posted this last year. It still applies.

And I wrote this the year before. It also still applies.
My original thought was to do a rather longwinded post about how we typically approach New Year resolutions. Blah blah blah pop philosophy yammer yammer yammer tedious faux wisdom et cetera blah blah blah… 
Let me make it short instead. Consider dialing back on the self-flagellating resolutions and add more resolutions on the self-indulgent side of the list. Have more fun, more adventures, more love. Worry less about the calories consumed and the shit that's still not together. Live as if your goal is to write a fabulous memoir rather than a strident self-help book. You'll feel less like a failure.
So, take yourself and life less seriously. Find more joy—particularly in yourself. Because the world isn't going to do it for you. Happy New You. And if not happy, then maybe a little harmlessly crazy.


  1. Fantastic approach to resolutions. I love your chart. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. I just read about writing a reverse bucket list--list the enjoyable things you've already done. At my age that has appeal.

  3. Love this, made it my desktop so I keep seeing it.