Sunday, January 29, 2017

Well, that's a nice surprise

I filled the tank today, did the gas mileage calculation and came up with:

Wow. That's a new high for the Rolling Steel Tent. Not much slow driving during that tankful. Mostly runs between our Ogilby Road campsite and Yuma. Highway and freeway driving in the 55 to 70 miles per hour range. Sure, I've had some strong tailwinds, but I've had nasty headwinds too. I hope this is a trend rather than a fluke.

There was an old Walter Matthau movie where he had a neighbor who wouldn't stop bragging about the mileage his VW was getting. So Matthau and his little boy started sneaking over and adding gas to his tank. The neighbor bragged even more, of course, until Matthau & Son started siphoning gas. Maybe my friends saw the movie and are playing the same trick on me.


  1. If they are, those are the best kind of friends to have.

  2. Nice trend to have; I hope it turns out to be that.