Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A morning of wandering

Lou and Joe went fishing. Forrest and Cyan went... somewhere. So I did a little exploring. Southwest out of Ridgway on Highway 62. Up over the Dallas Divide. Into San Miguel Canyon. Then, on a whim, I turned on Specie Creek Road. It took me up a canyon, through aspens and into alpine meadows at about 9,000 feet. Ranches and cattle.

The San Miguel River flowing strong with snowmelt and silt

Lone Cone Peak

The road looped me around to Norwood where I rejoined Highway 145 and headed back toward Ridgway.

There's a mesa north of Ridgway. I had never been up there, so I took that turn. A small turnout on the way up is a great viewpoint.

Mount Sneffels on the left

At the top of the mesa is Loghill Village—new homes and a country club. Development gave way to ranch land as I continued north. A sign at the entrance to a ranch said Dead Realtor Rd. I guess they were tired of agents trying to buy their property.

After a detour for road work, I connected to US 550 and headed into Montrose to get lunch and a piece of lumber, and to wash tree goo (I'm camped under some cottonwoods) and the dust of unpaved roads from the Rolling Steel Tent. Gotta look presentable. If not me, then the van.