Monday, June 5, 2017


When you convert an Isuzu NPR to four-wheel-drive, you have to figure out how to mount the shock absorbers. And, of course, the fabrication starts with sparks.

The lower shock mounts were welded to the spring mounting plates. Why slots instead of holes? Because, um, there was a reason I didn't quite understand, but it had something to do with bolts and clearances. Once the shocks are mounted, Forrest will weld on pieces to close up the fronts of the slots. If he needs to change the shocks he'll cut off the added pieces. "A minute with the angle grinder."

Since the new bottom location is a few inches higher than the stock mounts, the upper mounts needed to be raised also. That meant cutting the tops off the shock towers and welding in additional steel.

The driver side mounts had to be raised farther than the passenger side in order to clear the steering linkage.

Doing custom stuff like this usually means a cascading series of modifications. If you move this, then you'll have to move that, and rework the other thing, and get a different one of those... One hopes the chain of changes doesn't loop back around on itself, necessitating more changes. When that happens you get out the huge hammer and start pounding. On your head.

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