Friday, June 9, 2017

Progress was made while I was gone

The sleeping capsule and bathroom had been mocked up and test fitted. Since I like to be able to turn around, bend over and reach all parts of my body when I shower, I would want something larger. But Forrest is happy with this. "I've allocated space based on how much time I spend using it."

You know things are getting serious when there are pieces of plumbing hanging around and some panels have been varnished.

Meanwhile, new seats were going into the truck. Forrest scored some Subaru WRX buckets and the crew modified the bases to bolt into the Isuzu.

I've wanted a better seat ever since I got the Rolling Steel Tent. The stock seat isn't very supportive, the vinyl gets hot and sticky and the springs are starting to make themselves known. I've tried a sheepskin seat cover, a bath mat and a fancy gel pad. Eh. I wasn't happy over the long term with any of them. Maybe I just need a better butt.

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