Sunday, June 4, 2017

Working at our own level

The camper section of Forrest's expedition vehicle is off the truck and down on the floor where it'll be easier to work on. The underside of the floor is in place and painted. Provisions have been made for a gray water drain, and locating pins to attach the camper to the truck have been welded on. The stilt system for removing the camper from the truck has also been fabricated, which is why the truck could be driven away.

Since there are no blueprints or CAD drawings to work from, no step-by-step instructions, everything needs to be figured out along the way. In what order do things need to be done? If this thing is done that way, how does that impact the other thing? And the thing after that? So there has been more thinking and measuring and discussion and measuring and thinking again than actual construction. But that's good, because you want to be building solutions, not problems.

Meanwhile, the truck has a list that needs to be done. Today it's a new tie rod for the salvaged front axle. It's always good to have a vehicle go where you point it.

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  1. Cool project. For a while I was thinking i'd like to build something similar. Thanks for documenting it's progress.
    Is that one of the tiny houses you helped with last year in the background?