Thursday, June 15, 2017

The C. W. McCall web of interconnection

C.W. McCall is the stage name for William Dale Fries, Jr.

William Dale Fries, Jr. worked in advertising. So did I.

Fries/McCall wrote and performed Wolf Creek Pass. I just drove through there.

Fries/McCall moved to Ouray, Colorado, and was elected mayor. Ouray is ten miles from where I'm staying, in Ridgway.

John Billings, of Ridgway, makes the Grammy Awards. He also casts Rubber Duck hood ornaments (from the song Convoy) for Fries/McCall. I've toured Billings' shop. Forrest has a Rubber Duck and I painted the eyes and cigar for him last year.

I guess all that's left is for me to bump into Fries/McCall on the street. And I'm not even much of a fan.

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  1. So does that make you one degree away ... or is it still six? Hmm.