Saturday, June 10, 2017

Scratch one more thing off the to-do list

Most of the time my super plush mattress stays on the bed platform, but it tends to slide around when the roads get twisty. No big deal, really. I just shove it back into place. The problem solving part of my brain wasn't happy with that. It wanted something done about it. First there was an arrangement of bungee cords. Then rope. Then clamps. They were more trouble than they were worth. And they didn't work that well, either.

Since I'm at Forrest's place, with access to a variety of woodworking tools, I decided to do something that looked less jerry-rigged and would probably actually work.

Start with a one by six board, use the chop saw, the band saw, the router, some sandpaper, the drill, paint it...

Et voila! It should keep the bed in place without getting in the way of my enjoyment. In theory. We shall see.

Now, about the eleven other things still on the list...

1 comment:

  1. Put a yoga mat or non slip rug pad under the mattress. That will keep it from sliding around. I favor the yoga mat solution as it is useful on the grass for picnics and out of doors naps or even on a sandy beach. They are plenty large for that use under a single bed and they even add a bit of insulation too since they are made of EVA foam. Nowadays they turn up in the thrift stores fairly often for just a few $.